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the Most Mistreated Device within the Toolbox?

Ponder the standard screwdrivers that dwell in a typical kitchen junk drawer.

Some are used for probing. Some are used for prying. Some are used for scraping. Some are used for chiseling. Some are used as can openers.

…However some are literally used for loosening or tightening screws.

By no means use a screwdriver as a crowbar, use a devoted set of pry bars as an alternative.
Similar goes for scraping gaskets too, there are particular instruments for these jobs.

(Picture/Wayne Scraba)

However improper use of a screwdriver has its shortcomings. Apart from the potential to harm your self, a broken screwdriver will usually be spoiled from ever utilizing it for the supposed objective.

Right here’s why:

The general measurement of the screwdriver is the size of the shank (shaft) in inches. A six inch screwdriver has a shank that’s six inches lengthy, a 4 inch screwdriver has a 4 inch lengthy shank, and so forth. That’s simple, however the blade widths additionally range, they usually can range throughout the numerous lengths. The tip of the usual flat blade screwdriver should match the screw. Sometimes, the tip of the usual screwdriver blade have to be equal to the width of the pinnacle of the screw.

If the blade is simply too giant, then there’s a great likelihood it won’t be able to enter the slot of the screw utterly. This could (and sometimes does) harm the pinnacle of the screw as you try to show it. If the blade is simply too small, it can also harm the pinnacle of the screw. It could possibly additionally harm the screwdriver tip.

The excellent news is, there are many totally different screwdriver sizes and kinds on the market.

Clearly, a screwdriver with an extended shank lets you get at hard-to-reach screws, however they’ll come in useful for different jobs too—like adjusting outdated bike carburetors when you’re sitting on the bike.

After all, not all screw areas will let you use a brilliant lengthy screwdriver. Generally, all you’ll have room for is a stubby screwdriver. Stubbys can be found in a number of totally different configurations with the commonest automotive jobs in customary flat blade and Phillips.

The blades of a top quality screwdriver are often machined in order that they’re parallel to the form of the slot within the screw. Many high quality screwdrivers have hardened ideas. This clearly extends the lifetime of the screwdriver.

Some screwdrivers are manufactured with a sq. shank. Others have a spherical shank. The sq. shank lets you use a wrench on the shaft for added leverage.

Higher nonetheless, a couple of screwdriver producers even incorporate a hex into the shank so you may slip a box-end wrench over it. Many screwdriver handles (Craftsman involves thoughts) are designed to accommodate a big wrench too.

In automotive functions, the commonest screwdrivers are the usual flat blade, Phillips head and Torx head. The occasional utility makes use of a clutch head screw (typically known as a “butterfly”).

Sometimes, the Phillips screw (a commerce title) incorporates two slots that type an “X” on the screw head. The design lets you apply extra torque to the screw with out damaging the pinnacle. Phillips screw heads have an inner taper. The primary Phillips screwdriver has essentially the most pointed head. A quantity two Phillips is much less pointed and so forth by way of to quantity 4. Most frequently, the bigger the screw, the bigger the screwdriver tip quantity.

Torx head screws incorporate a six-lobe star-pattern. Initially, they had been designed to repair a problem with Phillips screws. The Phillips tends to “cam out.” This implies the screwdriver can slip out of the pinnacle as torque is utilized. With repeated use, this tends to break the screw. Torx head screws are engineered to forestall this. Mainly, the design lets you apply extra torque to the software and consequently, the fastener. When figuring out the dimensions of a Torx screw, smaller numbers point out a smaller head measurement. Most typical, you’ll discover T10, T15, and T25 screw heads. Metric and inch Torx fasteners share the identical screwdrivers.

Roberston or sq. drive screwdrivers are extra frequent in woodworking than within the automotive discipline. Sometimes, the enable for single hand operation. Additionally they enable for extra torque to be utilized when in comparison with flat or Phillips head screws.

There are a handful of different screwdriver sorts suited to particular jobs too, together with offset Phillips screwdrivers, magnetic tip screwdrivers, precision tip screwdrivers (usually used for tiny digital functions), and so forth.

As you may see, there’s much more to the standard screwdriver than first meets the attention. And sure, it’s simple to mess up by mistreating a screwdriver, however when you use the proper software for the job, a great high quality screwdriver can final a lifetime.

The commonest screwdriver is the flat blade. As you may see right here, they arrive in all types of sizes and lengths. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
The dimensions of the screw determines the dimensions of the screwdriver. Sometimes, the blade is machined in order that they’re parallel to the form of the slot within the screw. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
If the blade is simply too giant or too small, it may harm the screw. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
The following most typical automotive screwdriver is the Phillips. Just like the flat blade, there are all types of various size and measurement combos. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
In relation to Phillips screwdrivers, the primary Phillips has essentially the most pointed head. A quantity two Phillips is much less pointed and so forth by way of to quantity 4. As soon as once more, the dimensions and form of the screw determines the screwdriver quantity. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
These two tremendous lengthy Phillips screwdrivers are extra helpful than you would possibly first suppose. The added size permits for added torque to be utilized to the screw. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
Look intently on the ideas of those screwdrivers. The information are hardened. Not all screwdrivers have hardened surfaces. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
pair of mac screwdrivers with wrenches for more torque
One other helpful characteristic that a couple of screwdrivers have, is a hex on the shaft. This lets you use a wrench so as to add torque when tightening or loosening the screw. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
One other screwdriver sort you usually encounter within the automotive discipline is the Torx, AKA “star.” (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
Shut up, you may see it consists of a six-lobe sample. This enables for extra torque to be utilized to the screw. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
Often, you’ll encounter a sq. tip “Robertson” screw. Sometimes, these are present in woodworking and see little automotive use. Like others, Robertson screwdrivers are available in numerous sizes for numerous screw heads (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
Stubby screwdrivers are extraordinarily helpful. They’re obtainable in just about each model you’d want. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
A bit driver set comparable to this could come in useful. Mine doesn’t see a lot use, however as you may see, it consists of a variety of ideas—even seldom used “Pozidrivs,” that are just like a Phillips, however the screw has 4 additional notches to forestall cam-out. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
Bear in mind after we mentioned screwdrivers are sometimes improperly used? That is what can occur. When used for prying the tip can break. (Picture/Wayne Scraba)
pry tools on a workbench
As an alternative of utilizing a screwdriver as a pry software, strive certainly one of these devoted pry bars. They work higher! (Picture/Wayne Scraba)



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